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SMALL Double 14K Gold STAR Pendant  (5/8

Pendant includes an 18" (0.7mm) 14K Gold Chain
Price: $360.00
LARGE Double 14K Gold STAR Pendant (7/8
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Pendant includes an 18" (1 mm) 14K Gold Chain

Price: $460.00
DOUBLE Infinity 14K Gold Pendant (1 3/8
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Pendant includes an 18" (1 mm) 14K Gold Chain

Price: $480.00

The Mobius Transformation

Volume I
This book reveals the sacred geometric principles and symbolism embodied by the mathematical shape known as the Mobius Strip.

Price: $8.88
The Double Mobius: Interdependence

Volume II of The Mobius Transformation series


Price: $8.88
Die Mobius Transformation (in German)

repräsentiert die ganzheitliche
Natur der Wirklichkeit - der Wiederentdeckung unserer
eigenen wahren Natur.

Price: $8.88

Die Doppelte Mobiusschleife: Wechselseitige Abhangigkeit (in German)

Wechselseitige Abhängigkeit

Price: $8.88
ReUnion - an audio CD

A guided yoga session; includes a booklet of the postures in sequence. 

Price: $14.00
Chair Yoga Flow DVD Video

40 minute guided Chair Yoga session accompanied by inspiring music.

'Over the Ocean' music provided by the Juan de Bisbee band from the 'May the Goddess Return' CD.

Price: $14.00

Land, Sea and Sky Music CD
Ambient and unique music of the Halo handpan.
Perfect for yoga practice, massage and sound healing.

David plays with Juan de Bisbee. He performs on the 'May the Goddess Return' CD
and is featured on 'Day of the Dead  Night of the Goddess' CD.

This album is ONLY available on amazonmp3 or ITunes.
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Price: $0.00
Day of the Dead   Night of the Goddess CD
Juan de Bisbee Live! This performance combines the ambient Halo handpan, angelic, hypnotic vocals and chant with elevated, high vibration percussion.

This album is also available on amazonmp3 or iTunes.
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Price: $10.00
Salaam - Music CD

  Juan de Bisbee All original world beat music and lyrics inpired by the global community. Deep, rich soul-full vocals by Raghida Khouri. 
Price: $10.00

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