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John Galleher


John Galleher was born on July 8th,1947, in Atlanta, Georgia.  He inherited a certain psychic sensitivity from his mother and grandmother and a scientific orientation from his father, an electrical engineer. His interest in the metaphysics/physics frontier is in his genes.

At age 7, John suffered a serious skull fracture, and had a tantalum plate inserted in his frontal lobe, right between and above the two hemispheres of his brain. This plate has seemed to act as bridge between his intuitive and intellectual centers. His "accident",  running a scooter into the corner of a mailbox, has also precipitated a series of out of the body experiences and encounters with intelligences from other dimensions.

John pursued his education at the University of Florida, receiving a degree in Social Psychology, as he searched for a better understanding of the human condition. His intellectual ability qualified him for MENSA, but his psychic nature would not be satisfied by the existing paradigms of the academic world.


ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELOR 1971 to the present. He specializes in personal growth and direction. John has offered insight and clarity through his psychic readings to many people over the last 45 years.

EDUCATION Graduate from University of Florida in Gainesville: 1971; John received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

TEACHER OF ASTROLOGY Classes in Florida, California and Arizona. John was a resident Astrologer in Cassadaga, Florida in 1987.

AUTHOR of published articles in American Astrology Magazine.

TAROT READER Supplementing and complimenting his Astrology readings, John focuses on relationships, spiritual connction, career, personal growth, finances, relocation and future circumstances.


Astrological Counseling Services

Provided by John Galleher

Full Natal Chart 
A chart based on your birth date, time and place; the theme of your Life.

3-4 beautifully, hand-written pages of interpretation includes colorful, hand-drawn zodiac wheel.


Solar Return Chart 
A birth-day chart based on the planetary positions for that year; specific for that year. Requires birth date, time, birth place AND place you were (or will be) on that birthday; the theme for that year.

3-4 hand-written pages of interpretation and forecast


Composite Chart 
A relationship chart based on the combination of two charts. Requires birth information from both people; birth date, time and place
AND place of the relationship.

3-4 hand-written pages of interpretation


Tarot Reading by e-mail or phone.
Career, relationships, finances, relocation, personal growth, future circumstances, or any specific question you may have.

 $35/30 minutes
$45/45 minutes
$60/one hour 

Tarot Card Reading for the Year  
A card for each month of the year with interpretation




    CALL 808-965-7478  on the Big Island, Hawaii
                                                                            or  EMAIL  mobiusmagic@gmail.com




"John has had a significant impact in my life. He has been working with me to discover and follow through with my life purpose, giving me support that I have not found elsewhere. He gets me. He gets me in a big way. And he has connected with my Being for guidance and direction. He is direct, and does not hold back. It is my responsibility for my own awareness, choices, and decisions, but when John and his deck speak - I listen. Not only is he highly intuitive, but he is right on with Astrology. He also holds a master's degree in psychology and has broad cultural awareness, both of which help focus his work. I AM forever grateful for his wisdom and support."

Dear John, That was the best reading I've had in ages. No one else could zoom in as you have and it made sense. Now I know what to do and all is not lost. Thanks so much for your help".
Green Valley, Arizona
(reading by telephone)


" Thanks so much for the reading. I found it to be very informative and helpful!

It has helped me define my path and has added impetus in achieving my goals! "




(reading by telephone)

"John is very well defined and goes right to the point. Other readers are all over the place.
He's been offering readings for over 30 years and you can tell. He has that instinct
of just knowing people.

Tucson, Arizona


"I really love the work that John has done on my charts and Tom's and mine together. I love the way that he keeps it down to just a few pages and right to the important points, but worded so understandably that it's easy to relate to. I've had my charts done so many times... often I get back 20-30 pages... and it's all good, but the important things get lost, and it's not personal (computer generated). It's evident that John has been doing this a long time and has really honed his skill. I'm so grateful! As I mentioned, my Mom and sister now want theirs done as well."

"John is amazing!  I love these charts!  They are the best I've ever seen with a perspective from a very wise person!  Translating the stars, John has a gift! "

Tucson, Arizona

"John, thank you for the solar return chart. It's beautiful and inspiring. The pressures you mentioned are all very present. Thank you very much for the interpretation. It's given me a lot to think about"
Sequim, Washington

"Dear John, everything you told me in the horoscope analysis was correct. I need another chart, maybe a solar return chart. Also, I have written 4 episodes for the book, thanks to your idea."

"Thank you for your wisdom and insight today. Your perspective helped me to see a way to work through my present impasse. I will set a finish line and work towards it. Thank you for your affirmations and confirmations. It was good to hear, "Yes, keep going."
Phoenix, Arizona

"John Galleher has many, many powerful talents and one of those is the ability to provide guidance in the area of defining and supporting one's Life mission. John is able to "see" unconscious/conscious motives and outcomes on all levels. Just this morning, John did a reading for a friend. She feels so released now and confident as to what her next steps are. "
Newport Beach, Califonia

John Galleher
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