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I am very happy with it. Thanks very much for making it happen and getting it to me in such good time!"

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Mobius Products and Services
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12-6989 Kamoamoa Street
Pahoa, HI. 96778  USA



All items shipped within two days unless notified otherwise; via the US Postal Service.

Marcia and John Galleher, married 33 years, are the owners of Mobius Products & Services. John is a psychic astrologer and has been offering astrological readings to clients for 40 years. Marcia is an artist and long time yoga instructor. John, who had qualified for MENSA with a high IQ, was familiar with the Mobius Strip as an intriguing mathematical shape. Combining his intellect with Marcia's artistry, they began designing the original Mobius Strip jewelry in 1995. Together they continue to explore the magical and mystical qualities of Life while serving satisfied customers worldwide for over 20 years.
Mobius Products and Services supports groups working for the environment, peace, social & economic justice and education. Your purchase makes a positive change in the World!